Galen Holland

About Me

Welcome to my website! I am a senior undergraduate student at Florida Atlantic University currently working towards earning my bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. This is my website where I catalog video clips and Artificial Intelligence projects I’ve put together. My love for Neural Networks goes beyond just a surface level interest though! Artificial Intelligence is a passion that I hope to continue pursuing throughout my career — in fact, I am actively seeking my master's degree in this field! Recently, I had the opportunity to complete a classification network by hand that plays Rock Paper Scissors. Currently, I’m working on restructuring this model into a Keras model that can play Texas Hold'em poker. When I'm not busy with my studies or working on personal projects, I am an improv comedian at Doghouse Theater and I’ve even invented a few of my own board games in my spare time.

Game Playing Network By Hand

Network Interactive Demo

Texas Hold'em Learning Net

Portable Desktop Project

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